In nowadays rush time spa has become a place where you can find a peace and rest in the beautiful surrounding. More and more people desire  to escape just for a bit of time from this world, to forget about sorrows and enjoy themselves .
Therefore do not hesitate and find a little bit of time just for yourself. Try some of our procedures and refill your body
and soul with new energy.

You can choose from various procedures, which can be bought without previous doctor consultation. But if you have some health problems, our experts will offer you the tailor-made program including special curative procedures.
You can buy relaxation procedures individually or in a specific package with accommodation in our facilities.
Consign yourself to the care of our professionals who will help you improve your health and advise you on how to recharge
your energy. Massages,  baths. whirlpool, mud-packs, electro and endo therapy and other procedures.
Tractions, rehabilitations, swimming and fitness
Spa stay- Osteoporosis, Rheumatic diagnosis, Reduction programmes
Special balneorehabilitation programmes of nonpharmacologic treatment of osteoporosis. The main target of this spa
stay is stimulation and refreshment of muscular system, improvement of
stato-dynamic function of backbone and derogation of pain. These positive effects are achieved by using special exercises and rehabilitation programmes.
Health and Healing – Get up and go
Spa Piestany provides the perfect environment for the restoration of our guests wellbeing, relaxation and beauty through the use of high-quality curative treatments, application of state-of the art medical and rehabilitation
methods and of course our unique curative mud.
This combined with the use of Piestany's natural mineral water, curative gases and other effective medical treatments, gives you the perfect opportunity to recuperate and improve your health in the pleasant, stress-free environment of the Spa island.
Spa Piestany offers packages for just a few days or a few weeks depending on the needs of our guests.
Recommended duration of stay to reach optimal results and considerable improvement of health is 3 weeks.